SC Net Speeder Lite

SC Net Speeder Lite 4.0

Net Speeder optimizes your network configurations and settings
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SC Net Speeder Lite is a program that optimizes your configurations and settings so that you will have a better and faster internet connection and network. The program configures Internet Explorer so that it is more stable, does not get automatically cut off, and it will also make the connection a more secure one.

The SC Net Speeder Lite software is also capable of configuring all kinds of modems, as well as networks like DSL, cable, LAN and ADSL. The networks and modems will then be optimized and will work at full performance. You can reach a speed of up to 115200 with the ideal configuration. With hardware, Internet Explorer and network working at full capacity, you will be able to download, surf and play games more quickly and without errors that keep popping up.

The program makes it possible, for even those without knowledge of networking, to configure everything so that it works better and is more secure. The software does most of the work for you and you don’t have to experiment with settings. If your system does crash, then the SC Net Speeder Lite also has an advanced crash recovery feature. You will benefit from less crashing and freezing, reducing the frequency of error messages as well.

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  • System works more efficiently, faster


  • Only configures Internet Explorer
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